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I also owns a house, where I live alone.

By nature I am, warm-hearted gentle, honest and reliable and safe and loving, I. I am seeking a good hearted, honest man who is a steady strong protector of a family- type, not a fast temper but ready to defend the weak. Your personality is an adventure but those are the main character things I prefer: I myself am not typical or standard, I am honsetly a bit werid: Here are some things I am: I am caring, deeply empathetic and emotional.

I am artistic and intense. Dreamer and goal orientated in it.

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I am a incorruptable truth seeker and brave in saying the truth outload. People dont always like that lol. I am a deep artist personality who has a lot of emotions, lot of. Welcome to my profile I am very intuitive. I have many things going on this Fall art. I apologize, I don't have time to respond every message. Make an impact, if you would like me to answer.

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I think it would be wise to meet quite soon, at least on skype. We don't have time to live in the illusions. I wish you a blessed Autumn.

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May God give you the desires of your heart - maybe me. Someone stole my addressbook back home -who knows if I meet some of my friends here. If so, please message me. I assure you - It'll be a pleasant experience to you. I'm into trying new things and growing as a person everyday.

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Just graduated engineer who want to create better tomorrow. Finland Forum Find information about moving to, living in and life in Finland.

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Are there any free online dating sites for Finland? I mean something to meet singles online, no sex contacts etc. And for alle the critics, I know, it's better to meet girls in a bar, but sometimes it's also nice to meet someone you already know shares your interests.

Or are the Finns not that much into online dating? No one knows a decent dating website, really??

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I've a dream that my children will live in a nation where they'll not be judged by their color but by their character. I suggest, instead of relying on this forum, why don't you do your homework via Google. As for dating sites