Interracial dating comments

I'm sorry that last part fucking killed me. Having the audacity to call him that in front of you. Went to visit my then boyfriend, who was Vietnamese, a few states over. Boyfriend went to work.

Rosie Tran, 34:

His parents had never met any of his girlfriend before People constantly assume now that I am Arab. I'm a white girl from Texas. Never been assumed for not white until I started dating an Arab. Lots of people assume he's trying for a green card too. He already has a green card. Although, that only lasts until they meet him. Then they realize he's nicer than me I live in a really progressive area, so no openly attacks. But it's been an interesting change for me to have people assume I'm not white by association.

To be fair, there are a lot of white looking arabs my family is Syrian the middle east was the original genetic melting pot of the world, so lots of traits show up. However, when I was in school, there was a black kid in my class that had a crush on some blonde girl.

Bought her teddy bears and stuff, everyone thought it was cute, if sickeningly sweet. The next day, the principal held a student conference thing and went off on how evil and vile interracial relationships were, and that we should stay pure and all that shit.

Interracial Couples Share The Insults They’ve Experienced In Insightful Photo Series | HuffPost

Spent over an hour running his mouth off. He managed to piss off everyone in our school who knew the pair. Black kid dated blondie for awhile, usual teen drama stuff, but nothing else. About the only thing the rant managed to accomplish was making anyone who heard him lose any shred of respect they may have had for him. When a cousin married a black man, her grandfather on her mother's side disowned her and her mother in response.

As far as I know, he has never seen his great grand children. Our shared grandmother on her dad's side , likewise pitched a fit about it constantly, but didn't disown her, and to her credit she loved the great grandchildren.

Then she'd bitch at my brother an me because we hadn't given her any GGkids. The sad thing is, my cousin is half-Filipino. Her dad was in the Navy, and married her mother in the Phillipines. So she's already the product of an interracial marriage. So I understand that theyre a bit Cautious of white people. But I'm getting sick of everyone's shit lol. Its the same way with older generations of Jews and Germans. My dad was only born a few years after the holocaust and still feels uncomfortable around any group of people that have any type of German national identity. Jesus Christ, what a load of condescending, infantalizing garbage.

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It sounds like he didn't see you as an individual, but as a generic representation of Black Womanhood. I'm white, my boyfriend is black.

Do You Agree With Interracial Dating?

I never really thought it was going to be a problem because my family never treated it like it would be. I never had to sit down with them and warn them or anything and I didn't think much of it, until we were actually official and everybody had an opinion about it. I can't think of the "worst" but I'll just list some of the stuff we've been subjected to:. You get the idea.

We definitely get some dirty looks from old people at stores and things. But honestly though, the biggest shock to me was the amount of casual racism that gets thrown around. I knew there were still racist people around, but I thought they were in the minority. And truly racist people probably are, but holy hell are people diet racist. For example, my boyfriend is a metalhead, and everyone and their mother feels the need to comment on how weird that is.

Or he gets called an Oreo or "actually white" by people on a regular basis. I know that people who say these things don't say it maliciously, but damn is it still weirdly racist.

Interracial Couples Share The Insults They’ve Experienced In Insightful Photo Series

Here are the highlights of the conversation;. What does the community do about that? Me and my friend wanted to have our own powwow so we tried to get this guy to sell us a tipi but he refused! So we just built a fire in the forest and got mad drunk while we sang and danced around. Going to a powwow drunk is a big no no. Maybe I could hit you up for some peyote sometime? I'm an Indian woman dating a Jewish man. I've been called an "idol worshiper" by one of his closest friends.

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The worst we get are looks. He's in a phase of dressing in sweats, beanies and comfy sweaters that I think he looks fucking great in and I've always been the type to dress for the occasion, even if it's as simple as going to the store or just for a drive I like looking good around him! Anyways, people assume he's my "drug dealer" or I'm just trying out a white guy. Hearing that I'm too "exotic looking" to be with a guy who looks like a shady drug dealer is annoying, but we've learned to laugh it off.

It's more funny than offending but it would be nice to not hear it. Dated several black girls. The most aggravated people about it are old white men, young white men and black men. Ive been called a monkey fucker, a Slave master, a needle dick cracker, a n-ggerlover, black men have tried to cut between us, tried to fight me. I was jumped from behind in a bar two years after telling a group of black men to back the fuck off of us after they got belligerent and tried to forcibly drag her away from me. Not currently in an interracial couple but I dated a girl from China and my mom was a super dick about it.

Haha I had the exact opposite experience. My Chinese gf's mother couldn't speak a lick of English, but I could tell she despised me and almost incessantly told her daughter to break up with me in front of my face. Figured out about a year into the relationship that her not knowing any English was a bit of an act and had a few choice words to say to her on the matter. My wife is Native American and I'm white.

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  7. Most of the time, people are really tolerant. I think it's more that we're lesbians than being an interracial couple that get us looks. But, when my kids were little, my wife took them to the store, and some old white people were giving her weird looks while she was pushing my kids around in the cart. They're both Caucasian and don't look like they're hers. I've had people say stupid shit to me online way more than in person. I don't even really take that seriously though. I dated 2 Cuban guys in high school and my mother told me no white man would want me after that. She was a fucked up individual. Most popular in public - My husband gets asked where his mail order bride came from and could they get a recommendation to that site.

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    I'm asian, he's white.