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You want someone strong and committed, but also someone who can pay the bills and take care of you financially. For you, love and domesticity goes hand-in-hand. However, you tend to side-step confrontations with your lover and would prefer to bury something under the rug than get to the root of a problem if you think it might cause conflict, but the problem is you never forget — you might bottle up all your feelings for years before you finally air your grievances, which could come as a great surprise to your significant other.

You need someone who can express their love and affection in a gentle way. Much like their sun sign counterparts, people with a Leo in Venus is loud and proud about who they choose to love. Because of this, you might hold onto a relationship a little longer than you should, which can lead to a lot of ups and downs. Love with you is certainly dramatic, to say the least.

Venus in Capricorn Explained | PairedLife

You tend to be attracted to charisma and power, as well as people with more flamboyant and larger-than-life personalities. Still, you tend to be reserved and slow to open up, which may come across as unwilling to some. Relationships are a huge part of your world.

In fact, you can grow rather obsessive about love, and you want all of your partner, not just pieces of them. You work best with someone who can go along with your last-minute plans and who can be fun, spontaneous, and unrestrained. You prefer comfort and stability in your relationships, probably because you offer the same to your partners. Infatuations are easy, but love? You are the literal definition of hopeless romantic. Everything about love is magical to you, and deep down, you believe strongly in miracles, soulmates, and true love.

If you had a choice, your whole life would be one giant rom com — and in some ways, I bet it already is. You care very deeply for others and may struggle to draw boundaries in a relationship. Callie is a professional Thought Catalog blogger by day and an amateur Tumblr blogger by night. At the end of the day, you have two choices in love — one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Keep that in mind, whether your Venus in Capricorn lover is male or female. The pressures of hard work can weigh anybody down. In the rare case that this person cracks from over-work, they will inevitably be at work. If the circumstances are such that they find release at home with you, they would have no need for unfaithfulness.

He manages his work affairs and his duty at home by keeping them separate in his head, and it works for him. He works hard at work in order to build a good life for the two of you, and he expects you to know that.


Many of them are really working late. They are capable of loyalty. He keeps work and home separate in his head, but work and love are intricately bound together for Venus in Capricorn. He cannot enjoy love without work first. The saddest thing to see is a Venus in Capricorn person who is getting along in years yet has not fulfilled his work goals.

This person may never make room for a romantic love relationship. His intentions are noble, but many partners will not wait that long to enjoy life. After several prospective partners leave him, he can suffer depression. All people with Venus in Capricorn can suffer extended bouts of depression.

“I Work First, Love After”

They can also be suspicious. Another problem for Venus in Capricorn is that their need for self-control and emotional reserve can come across as coldness to others. This is an earth sign, so emotional reserve comes with this package. People with Venus in the other earth signs do not mind this. But everyone else will have problems with his aloof, impersonal approach.

Venus in Capricorn: Astrology of Love & Compatibility

Even Venus in the air signs can consider him cold, since he lacks the lightheartedness that air signs have. They have what it takes to love you forever. What type of girl is the Venus in Capricorn man attracted to? Naturally, someone willing to sit on the throne next to him. You have to look and act the part.

Rather, they want to be sure you make them look good in public. Wild girls are ultimately a turn off for Venus in Capricorn. The Venus in Capricorn woman is powerful. She is strong, confident, yet unlike the fire signs, she can be diplomatic, too. Regardless of her Sun sign, there is always a strong quality of substance and worth about this girl. Even the wilder Sagittarius and Aquarius, if they have Venus in Capricorn, have steadiness when it comes to romance. They will not take love lightly. The Venus in Capricorn lady may choose to wear the pants in the relationship.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

But no one looks better than she does in a pants suit. The Venus in Capricorn lady is a prize for life. To be sure, she does not need a man. Edgar Hoover, and Elvis Presley. How do you make your Venus in Capricorn lover feel loved? Commitment equals love to them. They will not endure a half-hearted relationship.

They are prone to depression, so remind them of their worth, often. They are attracted to work and responsibilities, so make him feel needed as the provider of the home. Where other guys run away, Venus in Capricorn is attracted to the duties of home and family. If you really want to make him feel loved, let him work overtime. Venus in Capricorn is a workaholic. Working actually gives them pleasure. Think blue blood class.