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They KNOW it creates a strong attraction, and it does, because it causes obsessive thinking - and all that thinking creates an intense attraction. No contact can be used to get a man you like to fall for you - and it can be used to get over a bad breakup - it can be used against you - it can be used to get rid of someone.

Really in depth, it was actually funny how quick it happened from the last time I ignored him. This just showed me how insecure he really was!

Yea I agree with the NC theory. Ever since I made a list of good qualities I am looking for in a guy, I've been in a diff.

***Why Less Is More In Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men

Mirror, i must say you are truly amazing. I like someone and he was chatting constantly with me. Im quite attractive, he is not very attractive though funny and interesting. He is a funny chap. I made the mistake of being rather available and i let him know i missed him when i did.

When You're Initiating Communication First

Normally when he disappears for 2 days or so, he would text back and apologise for the disappearance. This time however he has gone for a gd 6 days and i can see he is available on whatsap and he has been following really beautiful woman on instagram. They are not following him back though. I was wondering if he was feel more confident now to approach more beautiful women now and if i am becoming his back up plan? I gtalked him once before this 6 day stint and he has not responded. What do i do now if he whatsapps or gtalks me.

I read somewhere in your article that if he texts after disappearing i should not respond for atleast 3 days. But well he is possibly exploring his actions but we were kinda chatty and funny alot before he 'ventured out'. He doesnt know i know that he is following stunning women and im actually watching him. I have just been quiet and recently posted happy pics of me with my gfs on instagram. Anonymous, Well this could be a few things. First off, if you don't respond for 3 days, that's not being angry, that's being busy. And that's exactly what you tell him if he asks.

Gtalk, text - doesn't matter. Secondly, this is only a "virtual" relationship. It's not taking place in the real world, it's only taking place online. Chances are, you'll never be able to be together or even meet. So don't put too much of your energy into thinking about something that has very little chance of ever becoming real.

Focus on meeting someone in real life, in your part of the world - that you can actually have a real relationship with. Thanks for the advise. The thing is I am tired of being his friend. And I want to be more than friends. Do you think, there can be something that I can do that will make him see me more than a friend? Now the Oct group trip that I told you about. He got really drunk. And his ex girlfriend was standing in front of him, in fact most of us were talking to each other. And then suddenly he looks at me.

Then he points a finger at me, then at himself, and draws a heart and an arrow in it. I asked him about it a week later, cause I was a bit restless and he says he doesnt mean anything by it. What do you think? I am glad that you are being honest with me. Honestly I need someone to tell me the truth to me, even if that hurts. Hey MOA, I forgot to mention, he did message me yesterday evening.

He wrote - How are you? Btw, your gift the card that i sent him was amazing. I am sorry that I didnt pick up your call in the morning. I messaged him today, Asking about his birthday and general stuff. We kept messaging each other for about 3 hours I waited more than 3 min to send each reply and then poof, he again disappeared. My message was the last. I have decided not to message to him, till he messages me again. And I didnt question him about his not picking up my call as well Anonymous, No, there is no magic wand that you can wave that makes a man love you or want a relationship with you.

If a man genuinely likes you, he'll seek you out and most importantly - he'll ask you out. And if he said he didn't mean anything by the heart bit he did when he was drunk that night, then that's probably the truth. It was probably friendship. I wouldn't pursue him, I'd remain friendly with him and see what develops. Thanks MOA, I am gonna take your advice and be friends with him.

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Though my hearts aches to just be friends with him. My behaving in such a way over a guy who thinks of me just as a friend, makes me feel more disgusted.

I am a girl, a women and I need to concentrate and love myself more I will keep you updated in case any thing happens. Thanks for being such a gem. FriendlyGirl, Hey, it's not the end of the world. Hell, it may even be a "beginning" that you're not aware of right now. You know, all of the best relationships start out friends first - get what I'm throwing down here? I'll share a little secret trick that I've used in the past in situations like this - the cool chic trick.

I'ts not really a trick, LOL, more of an observation over time. However, you now get to be the cool chic here with him. Meaning, ever notice that men you just want to be friends with eventually fall for you?

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Whether you want them to or not, they do. And do you know what that happens? Because you're the cool chic. You're the chic they hang out with and have a good time with that doesn't pressure, doesn't question, doesn't show over the top emotions. You're the cool chic they get to talk to and confide in.

***Why Less Is More In Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men

You're the cool chic they get to have fun and laughs with and talk to about their relationships with other women and give advice to them, etc. Be the cool chic here and see if you can build on that with him. Please shed some light on my situation; I met an Aries man and on my last day of my work, he belted it out for the world to hear that he wanted to go out with me. But he never asked for my number, instead he kept staring at me and when I left, he seemed angry. The next day I came back to get some stuff I'd forgotten.

We managed to swap numbers then and we discussed plans again, he belted it out that we should go out but nothing has actually been planned; and since then I have texted him three times and he has not contacted me since. Is he no longer interested?

Do You Just Mirror A Prospect’s Actions Or Also Initiate?

It should be the other way around. That's how Mother Nature intended it. Man leads, woman submits. When women are aggressive about their sexuality, it reverses the natural order of things. It freaks men out and truthfully, they don't like dominant women. Rather, they prefer submissive ones. Again, the way Mother Nature intended it. So you reversed the natural order of things here and it probably freaked him out first of all.

Secondly, when a woman does that, it translates to men as, "She's desperate. Which leads to them thinking, "What's wrong with her that she's so desperate? She must be broken in some way. So you came on strong here, you were dominant and you pursued.