Fuel pressure gauge hook up

The rag is handy when the fuel-line is cut.

How to install a fuel pressure gauge

Without the rug, the leaking fuel can quickly spread across the entire floor. Using the pliers, cut the fuel-line.

A Simple Guide on How to Install a Fuel Pressure Gauge

Using the hose clamps, clamp each end of the cut, fuel-line. Carefully, insert one, open end of the branded, fuel-pressure gauge over one cut end of the fuel line.

Now slowly, slide the hose clamp holding the sliced fuel-line over the point where the fuel-line has been forced onto the fuel pressure gauge. Turn the screw of the clamp in clockwise direction to tighten it. Repeat this process with the other end of the sliced, fuel-line. You should now have the fuel-line, clamped at either ends on the two openings of the fuel pressure gauge. Within seconds, the fuel pressure gauge starts giving readings.


Installing Boost/Fuel Pressure Gauge - Any Photos?

However, the initial set of readings can be a bit unsteady. You'll need to get at least one insulated rubber-lined hose clamp to secure the line and gauge in the engine compartment.

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  • A Simple Guide on How to Install a Fuel Pressure Gauge.
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There are several pre-tapped 10mm bolt holes on the fender to bolt the fuel line down see below. AN-4 fuel line and gauge Try to do this with as little fuel in the tank as possible to minimize fuel spill.

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The fuel line you want to tap in to is the fuel line closest to the oil dip stick see diagram above. It is a rubber hose that connects to a metal pipe near the engine.

Before you start cutting the hose you have to release the fuel pressure so see the Release Fuel Pressure How-To for instructions. The fuel will dribble out continuously unless you plug the hoses. I put together im not a female pipe coupler to a catalog?

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