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After all going wayward and refusing to repent goes against you the individual. He has promised a great future of hope and an expected end for us. Jesus Loves You precious one. Give your heart fully to Him. Tell the Holy Spirit to guide you through His word and I can assure you that you will stand before Kings and Queens and above all,Jesus and the heavenly host will give you a standing ovation in Heaven. February 19, at February 18, at 9: This was a great read!

As sson as I say no cookies you should see how fast they run! February 18, at 3: It is so sad to see how Satan catches Christians in this area. When I was younger I got involved in a relationship with a young Christian who was singing in church. I thought we would have a sinless relationship because we were both serving God but he put such a pressure on me that we started to kiss and masturbate. I never had sex beside these things, in fact I was still a virgin when I got married with the man God sent to me but the practices I did in my first relationship as a teenage open a door to incubus in my life.

They used to come and rape me in my dreams. I struggled and cried to God and people prayed for me but it took a very long time for me to recover. I always wondered if that man was an occultist because all the servant of God I met did not believe that kissing and watching porn few times could open a door to demons.

God wants us to give him our entire life and trust him for our needs. I thought that no man on this planet can wait until marriage but I decided to wait upon the Lord.

Christian Mingle - Full Christian Movie (Finding Mr. Right?)

God sent me a man who waited until our wedding day, he never threatened me to leave me and never put any pressure on me. I pray for all the single people. May God give you strength and help you meet the right person in Jesus name. Disturbing statistics if not surprising as one previous poster wrote.

Christian Mingle, JDate Up For 'Hottest Way To Hook Up' On Adweek Survey | HuffPost

Let young people know that God commands purity not because he wants to keep them from having a good time but he is trying to protect them from the consequences of fornication. He does this as any good father would. Sadly people fornicate and have to deal with the scars of those broken emotional and spiritual ties, over and over again. Tell young people to value themselves and protect not just their bodies but their hearts and emotions. Tell them that even if they have fornicated God can wash them and make them new again, and it is never too late.

Purity is not easy but the benefits of spiritual and emotional freedom far outweigh the very temporary pleasures of the flesh. February 19, at 3: The soul ties you speak about is something that is often overlooked if not entirely ignored when it comes to singles engaging in fornication and until more Christian singles especially women!! People are unequipped to handle the consequences from partaking in sexual immorality yet fool themselves into thinking otherwise. Straddling the fence so to speak between spiritual and secular.

Horrible way to live! February 18, at 8: I do believe we live in a culture where we follow what people say. Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: We have to be alert. In Genesis 19 it was a big issue with Joseph.

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  • I do believe those passages are still important and that Jesus came to fulfill all that was written. We live in a culture where laying in bed with a person is ok. Even laying in bed with pet animals is ok also.

    I could go on and list shows today and in the pass that support this life style. Also these dating sites like Ashley Madison boast that they cause infidelity between couples. Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: February 18, at 1: Reminds me of Steve Hardy who was invited to tbn and megafest even though he was promoting a book that gave a 90 day waiting period for sex…go figure.

    February 17, at 9: February 17, at 8: This is one of the saddest things I have seen so far this year. Is it so hard to meet someone the old fashioned way and do things the old fashioned way? The fact that the site is called Christian Mingle says it all. February 18, at 6: Thank God for Heather Lindsey sharing the truth in this article. February 17, at 4: Wow this is an interesting topic. When they saw no husband in sight they began to engage in these behavouirs. It doesnt make easier for younger women seeing their peers who are not believers marrying settling down and having children.

    February 17, at 3: As a Christian I did many things that contradicted the scriptures. I knew I was wrong but I never tried to modify the bible to fit my my agenda.

    Christian Mingle Survey: 61% of Christians singles are willing to have casual sex

    Some of my actions came from false teaching and some from bad choices but at the end of the day I had to examine myself. He is a demon. March 3, at 5: I seek the true, living God who will return to place all the powers of darkness in everlasting chains! March 4, at 2: It made me realize if people got married younger and discipled this would not be such a major issue but when you expect a woman to wait till 5o0 something or indefinately to get married There is a possiblity they will do their own thing.

    Yes its sin but hope deferred makes the heart sick. I personally myself do not know of a Christian who is married that met their spouses in a godly way Most of the ladies were saved mid twenties saw no ring was forth coming in the church. Tried different relationships found the one had kids and then came back to God. These are sad statistics but not surprising. You save yourself before marriage because God says so, no matter what the cost and no matter what the reward. It is your reasonable service.

    We have to get back to not just true biblical teaching in the Church but also discipleship and accountability. My heart aches for this next generation. Amen, Naquanna, so true. Also, like you said, there is absolutely NO accountability anymore, even many pastors are running around doing what they want to do, smh!! But for everyone else, CoffeeMeetsBagel is the top option. That was followed by eHarmony, Christian Mingle and Zoosk. The rest of these rankings, though, make a great deal of sense.

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