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Pozzi, of Italian heritage, a subtle linguist, amused anglophile and atheist, was a natural Dreyfusard, sitting alongside Sarah Bernhardt at the trials. Should we, Barnes asks, simply condemn him by our own standards of transgression? His book makes a persuasive case that we should not.

The only woman whose evidence speaks against Pozzi in his lifetime is his daughter, Catherine — herself a restless and unfaithful lover of both sexes. As this story unfolds, extracts from her diaries examine her adult understanding of the man she adored in childhood without question. To order a copy, go to guardianbookshop. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Julian Barnes Observer book of the week. Biography books reviews.

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Dating Dr Notorious

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Once Upon a Dream. Catch Your Breath. Wild Ways. Sweet Treats. Never Far Away. Instead, Regina rarely even had a man to practice her expertise on. Oh granted, there was sometimes a line of men who thought they wanted a night with her. But when they found out how seriously she took sex, they ran really fast in the other direction.

Okay, her typical reaction of unleashing her temper probably made men run just that much harder and faster away from her, but how else could she react? Sure she wanted sex, Regina conceded, but also more than sex. She wanted love. She wanted what Alexa had with Casey, only with a mature guy she could talk to about her work now and again. Love and sex simply did not have to be this complicated.

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If she were counseling herself, she would conclude it had just been too long since she had been physically intimate with a man. She had made Alexa address her physical needs, and then her friend had ended up dating Casey. She splashed more water on her face as she thought about it.

Regina closed her weary, sleep-deprived eyes and let herself imagine a sexy European with a thick accent whispering lusty demands in her ear to touch him, to please him.

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Regina figured hysterical laughter at four in the morning had to be better than swearing or crying. Sighing and mostly calm at last, Regina got a clean nightshirt out of her dresser, pulled it over her rapidly cooling body, and climbed back into bed. She swore again when she discovered her pillow was wet, flipped it over, and finally settled back down for a couple more hours of restless sleep. After a day made more grueling due to several nights of interrupted sleep, Regina locked her office door and happily dropped her office keys into her portfolio bag. Her sneaky, manipulative friend would just have to forgive her for running a little late.

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It had taken a while to come up with a talk tame enough for the country club crowd. Regina knew how to practice restraint in her subject matter when necessary, but she was more used to saying things others barely dared to think about. In the parking lot, Regina pulled her attention away from her surly thoughts to the present and smiled. The day got measurably better when saw her favorite male waiting for her in the parking lot.